Dnevni arhiv: 12. januarja, 2015

“I worked, I paid taxes”. The Prosaic Life of a Danish Gay Prostitute

Michael Hobbes 

Henrik was in debt. Not crushing or ruinous or inescapable debt, the kind that makes you ignore letters in your mailbox and private incomings on your mobile. Just irritating debt. In June, he had taken a five-week trip to New York, where he had spent money like a 33-year-old gay man who hadn’t bought new clothes in two years—which he was. He left his home in Copenhagen with one suitcase and came back with two.“I needed an auxiliary,” he told his friends, “just for the shoes.” A month before the trip, he had remodelled his kitchen. This decision was about as prudent as a suitcase full of shoes, but whatever. At least he could finally cook properly.