Dnevni arhiv: 25. junija, 2015

Fading Hegemon. The two crises in Macedonia

Elena B. Stavrevska

Between a Fading Hegemon and the Quest for Radical Democracy: the Two Crises in Macedonia

There is a joke that everyone in Macedonia knows. It goes like this: during World War II, the Partisans fought the German troops over a forest. The first day the Partisans took over the forest. The second day, the Germans retaliated and took control. The third day the Partisans regained control of the forest again. On the fourth day, the Germans got it back. On the fifth day, the forester lost patience, chased them away and took control over the forest. Whenever there is a political crisis in the country, with the government and the opposition being unable to reach an agreement, the joke gets invoked and the citizens’ eyes turn westward, normally to the European Union (EU), to look for the forester.