Dnevni arhiv: 30. junija, 2016

“Chess is not the type of game dictators play.” An interview with Garry Kasparov

Luka Lisjak Gabrijelčič interviews Garry Kasparov in New York.

Mr. Kasparov, you live in New York, in what you once described as a “self-imposed exile”. Do you think of yourself as an émigré?

I’m not sure if my exile is self-imposed, since staying in Russia would have been … not safe, to use a euphemism. This was not my first choice: it was a forced decision. However, my situation is clearly different from old-style émigrés. I can follow what is happening back home, I talk to my mother and friends via Skype, but I have no physical opportunity to go back. To be exact: I can go back, but I might as well buy a one-way ticket, since I would most probably not be able to return to New York.