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Razpotja (Crossroads) are places where different paths meet. Each one has a different trajectory; crossroads are not points of convergence or a synthesis, they are spaces of encounters. At the same time, they provide the traveller a chance to think about his direction and potential change. The metaphor is no coincidence.

Razpotja is a quarterly magazine aimed at fostering an informed public discussion on issues of general concern. Founded in 2010, it has become one of the leading cultural and intellectual magazines in Slovenia. With a young editorial board (with the average age of 31), it provides a platform for a substantiated non-academic debate, mostly written from the perspective of the millennial generation.

Each issue is dedicated to a topic of broad public interest approached by longreads articulating different standpoints. These articles are usually chosen through an open call for papers, thus enabling the participation of emergent authors.

Each issue also includes an essay with a philosophical take on current social phenomena (Reflection), and an enquiry on cultural and identity issues in different European countries, mostly written by emergent European authors (Café Europa). The former is alternated with the section American Diner, bringing essays on US culture and society. In addition to that, there are regular sections for analyses of global affairs, interviews, and articles on cultural topics and local issues.

Since 2014, Razpotja also collaborates with Slovenian illustrators of the younger generation who contribute their illustrations/visual essays on the main topic of the issue.

The magazine is published by Goriška Humanist Association, and NGO from Nova Gorica, Slovenia. It is available for free on various locations around Ljubljana, Nova Gorica, Gorizia, Koper and other cities in Slovenia and bordering countries. Everyone can subscribe free of charge. Each year, the publisher applies for public funding and asks subscribers to donate a chosen amount of money to help support the magazine. The organization itself is active from 2006, when a group of humanist and social studies students formed an association to serve as a platform for organizing debates, lectures, panel discussions, readers circle and other cultural events. The association is still focused on these activities which serve as a promotion tool for the magazine as well.

Razpotja – an agora for the new humanism (and antihumanism).


Past topics:

Politics and Science (autumn 2010)
Apathy and Gluttony (winter 2010)
Freedom of Information? (spring 2011)
Left and Right? (summer 2011)
Families (autumn 2011)
Consumerism (winter 2011)
Health (spring 2012)
Space (summer 2012)
Oblivion (double issue, autumn/winter 2012)
Europe (spring 2013)
Culture wars (summer 2013)
Kafka & Kierkegaard (autumn 2013)
Nature (winter 2013)
Slovenian language (spring 2014)
Nietzsche (summer 2014)
Work/Labor (autumn 2014)
Sexuality (winter 2014)
Youth (spring 2015)
War and Peace (summer 2015)
Max Fabiani (autumn 2015)
– Public interest (winter 2015)
– Conspiracy (spring 2016)
– Critique (summer 2016)
– Hannah Arendt (autumn 2016)
– Laziness and boredom (winter 2016)

– Rhetorics (spring 2017)
– Fragile Europe (summer-autumn 2017)
– Catalonian crisis (winter 2017)
– Artificial Intelligence (spring 2018)
– Identity politics (summer 2018)
– Ivan Cankar/Karl Marx (autumn 2018)
– Expertise (winter 2018)
– Sound (spring 2019)
– City (summer 2019)

Future topics:
– Intimacy (autumn 2019)
– Trash (winter 2019)



Razpotja are a member of Eurozine
a network of European cultural journals,
linking up more than 80 partner journals
and just as many associated magazines
and institutions from nearly all European countries.